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Apply for Service with Slash Pine EMC



Apply, Transfer, Disconnect Service

Slash Pine EMC takes pride in serving its members with courteous and professional customer service. Meeting your electrical needs is our utmost commitment, whether it is helping you apply for a new service or with your concerns of an existing account.


To Apply for New Service

You may visit our office at 794 West Dame Avenue, Homerville, Georgia, Monday through Friday, between to the hours of 8am and 4pm. If you would rather not come into the office click the link below and you may apply online. If applying online, it can take up to 24 hours to receive a response to the email address provided in the online application.  You will then be required to email or fax some of the items listed below:

  •  Proof of identification including picture

  •  Social Security Number

  •  Lease Agreement or Proof of Ownership

  •  Pay $5.00 membership fee and $25.00 account set up fee

  •  Pay Security Deposit up to $500.00 based on your personal credit history: refundable upon closing your account if you choose our Traditional Billing Method


Apply For New Service Online


You may also download the below forms, fill them out and return via fax or email.

Download Service Application (pdf)

Download Application for Electric Service (pdf)

Download Credit Report Authorization (pdf)


Pre-Pay Electric Service Program

The program is available a pay-as-you-go program for non-demand residential accounts only.  At time of applying for new electric service, the member will be required to pay:


Membership Fee:                                   $   5.00 (New Member Applicant Only)

Deposit:                                                  $ 25.00

Account Establishment/Transfer Fee:  $ 25.00

Advance Credit Minimum:                     $ 50.00

Any Outstanding Debt/Fees

A member may choose to convert their existing post-pay account to this program. Please call our office for details.  Not all residential accounts qualify for the pre-pay program.


Download Pre-Pay Service Set-up Data Sheet (pdf)

 Download Pre-Pay Service Program Agreement (pdf)


To Transfer an Existing Service

Call or go by Slash Pine EMC's office and provide the following:

 • Proof of identification

 • Pay additional deposit (if required) and connect fees


To Disconnect an Existing Service

Call or go by Slash Pine EMC's office and provide the following:

 • Proof of identification

 • Date of Disconnect

 • Forwarding mailing address for forwarding of any outstanding bill and/or return of deposit.

Apply Transfer Disconnect
Service Application
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